Summer @ StB’s: The Waywards

Bring your chairs for this FREE concert under the tent!

Food will be for sale and provided by StB’s!


Lee Surrette and Bryce Thomas, two popular solo artists on Cape Cod, were itching to play with other musicians. At the same time, a loose group of amazing players, British Steve Askew (lead guitar), John Hovnanian (bass), Bill Brown (drums) found themselves with an opening in their schedule. Throw in two veteran multi-instrumentalists sidemen, Jonathan Larkin (fiddle, mandolin, accordion) and Len Amaral (pedal steel, guitar) and you have a hell of a band. Band alchemist, Josh Albright saw all this talent looking for a new home and boom! The Waywards were born. While you can’t call The Waywards a country band, there is a country flavor to all the songs they do. They play songs everyone knows, so you might be inspired to sing along.